Monday, April 8, 2013

This is How You Get Free Bitcoins

There are a lot of websites where you can get free bit coins. All you have to do is by watching videos, browse a website, doing surveys, much more. It seem like a small amount for now but you used those bit coins to play games and gamble to get more bit coins. It's that easy so let get started.

Most of these sites are free, so be sure to go back each day to boost your earnings. 

Recommendation - Pretty Easy to Earn Bitcoins
BitVisitor - Browse Websites For 5 Minutes Earn Free Bitcoins
Earnfreebitcoins - Visit Websites for 3 Minutes Earn Free Bitcoins
Coinvisitor - Image Captcha are Clicks, Wait time around 7 Seconds (low amount of bitcoins though)
BitCoinGet - Do Surveys or Watch Video pretty simple but it take a while to pend the bitcoins

CoinTube - Earn Free Bitcoins by Watching Videos
Dailybitcoins - Just enter and get Bitcoins

Bad - Never works, Hard, or Broken (you can still try if you want maybe better luck then me)
BitCrate - You post to break crates and get free bitcoins but their never any creates it always tell you to come back later
Bitcoinsurvey - Do surveys to get bitcoins

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