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Update* This is How You Get Free Bitcoins
There are a lot of websites where you can get free bitcoins. All you have to do is by watching videos, browse a website, doing surveys, much more. It seem like a small amount for now but you can used those bit coins to play games and gamble them to get more bitcoins. Remember even if you lose just go back here and get more free bitcoins and repeat. It's that easy so let get started. 
Updating Links also added a lot of new links as well 

Units to know: 
mBTC = milliBitcoin = 0.001 Bitcoin 
╬╝BTC = microBitcoin = 0.000001 Bitcoin
Bitcoin Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin, the smallest subdivision

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Most of these sites are free, so be sure to go back each day to boost your earnings. 

Recommendation - Pretty Easy to Earn Bitcoins
BitVisitor - Hot Clicks - Browse Websites For 5 Minutes Earn Free Bitcoins
Earnfreebitcoins - Hot Clicks Visit Websites for 3 Minutes Earn Free Bitcoins
Coinvisitor - Hot Clicks Image Captcha are Clicks, Wait time around 7 Seconds (low amount of bitcoins though)
BitCoinGet - Hot Clicks - Do Surveys or Watch Video pretty simple but it take a while to pend the bitcoins
Coin Reaper - Hot Clicks - One stop place for faucet bitcoins, it let you visit several faucets websites. Obviously their are many faucets website so it doesn't have them all but they still have a lot of them. Also beware their might be some NSFW content. Has around 18 websites
Free Btc Pt - Hot Clicks - This website require you to sign up. Just by logging in, you can get 100 satoshi per hour. The website consist of videos, captcha madness, and offers. I tend to avoid offers so i mostly been doing the captcha madness, it give you 50 satoshi each time you do captcha, Watching videos will give you 5000 satoshi. With videos you don't have to really watch the whole video i usually just skip to the middle or 3/4 into the video and until you see the 5000+ pop up then you can just exit the video.

CoinTube - Earn Free Bitcoins by Watching Videos
Dailybitcoins - Hot Clicks - Just enter and get Bitcoins
Honey Bitcoins - Similary to bitvitor and earnfreebitcoins, you browse other websites for 5 mins, but the payout is less. Also this website is in Spanish. But you can click the England flag to make it English
Coin of Midas - Hot Clicks -  A new website it require you to sign up for an account. Click on ad and start earning. The timer is 30 secs but you need to have the page visible or the time stop. 
Rugatu - You just ask questions or answers questions, then you get bitcoins. The best answers get the bitcoins. Pretty much like answers websites but you get rewarded for bitcoins 

Bad/Okay - Never works, Hard, or Broken (you can still try them if you want maybe you have better luck then me)
LIFT Institute Lottery  - You can claim tickets every 30 mins, its free, if you are lucky you might get the prize but their no guarantees. 
BitCrate - You post to break crates and get free bitcoins but their never any creates it always tell you to come back later
Bitcoinsurvey - Do surveys to get bitcoins, surveys tend to be long
BitSpout - Website currently down because of overload, no clue when it get back up
BitBucks - You do offers and you get bitcoins, i tend to avoid these because sometimes you do the offer and you don't even get the payout. Right now its down until June. 

Faucets - These websites basically give out free bitcoins away just for entering your address and doing verification. These websites tends to have ads or donations to setup the faucets. They tend to give away really small amounts of bitcoins.
Note: It might be better just to use Coin Reaper (Has about 18 websites but not all obviously)

One Time Only - These websites work once
@BitSprinkle - Its a twitter account that gives out bitcoins. Right now their a few that are pending, so you might have to wait for a little while.
Bitcoin Street Faucet - You have to use your cellphone to verify, and they send you a text message.  I don't tend to give out personal information so i'm not sure if it works. You get .0015 free bitcoins. They send out like 2 ads every month about bitcoins, in return you get free bitcoins. You can try to sign up using google voice and then give out that number that might work not sure though.
Legendary Faucet  - Enter captcha give out small amount of bitcoins
Free Coins - Its pretty much exactly the same as legendary faucet

Half-Hourly - Get coins every 30 min
Green Coins - Enter bitcoin address. do captcha
Can Has Bitcoin - Free Bitcoin every hour, Warning awful 90 website design :)
Virtual Facuet - Enter address and do captcha
BTC4You - Just enter your address and captcha, every 30 min
Fauct BTC
BTC Mine
Raw Bitcoins
FreeBTC4all - Same like the one above. These websites tend to be alike but different color scheme they might be all the from the same creator 

Hourly - Get bitcoins every 60 min
Daily Bitcoins -  Hot Clicks - Enter bitcoin address get free bitcoins. You can do it ever hour. You can also get some extra coins from peerbet if you're lucky to get the prize. I got it couple times already.
Bitcoins4Me - Similar to Daily Bitcoins just enter your address and get free bitcoins. You can enter every hour.
NetLookup - Just enter your address you can do this every 60 hours, no captcha required
CoinAd -  Hot Clicks - Similar to dailybitcoins, same amounts but still think daily bitcoins is better. Enter every hour to get bitcoins. Bonus Tip: If you register for the website you can use their chat system. Then go to settings and enter your bitcoin address. If you type in the Chat Box you can get 0.001 mBTC its 25% chance every time you type something. Sometimes the chat box is laggy though.
El Bitcoin Gratis - Some kind of Spanish bitcoin website. You can enter every hour and it give you bitcoins.
BitcoinForest - Gives out .00001 bitcoins, can do every hour. It also has offers but i tend to avoid those things and sometimes the offers don't even give you the payout

Half-Daily - Every 12 hours
TenDrawBtc Daily Scratchcard - The website might be down, they haven't done transactions for a while.  It's a free scratch game, you mouse over the box to see if you won. If anyone got payout post a comment below so we know it works or not.

Daily - Every 24 hours
BitcoinAr - Was Every 12 hours now its every day
Bunny Run -  Hot Clicks - Once per Day, pick your bunny and hope for the best. So far i only have gotten 3rd all the time. I finally got 1st place they might have fixed the code.
FreeBitcoinsGiveAway - Free bitcoins once per day, this website don't use captcha it make you go to some pasta website that has the code, then you can enter in.
BitHits - Enter 24 hour to get bitcoins, no captcha required
Nioctib - Weird website name doesn't really make sense but enter your address and it give out every 24 hours
Bitcoin Tree - If you have ad block, it force you to turn off adblock before you can use the website
HartCode - Pick your favorite wallpaper and do captcha to get bitcoins
Coin Ticket - Enter Address get free Bitcoins. Can only do it one per day.

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