Saturday, April 20, 2013

List of more Free BTC (bitcoins)

Free Online Bitcoins 

Here is more websites that offers free bitcoins.
NetLookup - Just enter your address you can do this every 60 hours
BitHits - Enter 24 hour to get bitcoins
Free Btc Pt - This website require you to sign up but it's pretty good. They call bitcoins a different name with 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC, Just by logging in, you can get 100 satoshi per hour. The website consist of videos, captcha madness, and offers. I tend to avoid offers so i mostly been doing the captcha madness, it give you 50 satoshi each time you do captcha, Watching videos will give you 5000 satoshi. With videos you don't have to really watch the whole video i usually just skip to the middle or 3/4 into the video and until you see the 5000+ pop up then you can just exit the video. 
CoinAd - Similar to dailybitcoins, same amounts but still think daily bitcoins is better. Enter every hour to get bitcoins. Bonus Tip: If you register for the website you can use their chat system. Then go to settings and enter your bitcoin address.  If you type in the Chat Box you can get 0.001 mBTC its 25% chance every time you type something. Sometimes the chat box is laggy though.  
El Bitcoin Gratis - Some kind of Spanish bitcoin website. You can enter every hour and it give you bitcoins.